Deed History of the Manasquan Meeting Site




  1. Deed – John Lippencott to JosidIah Allen, Peter Tilton, Remembrance Lippencott, dated March 5, 1695, recorded deed book 96, consideration 5 pounds. Does not give a location except next to drawing house on John Lippencott’s lot.
  1. Deed – Presence Lippencott to John Lippencott dated August 19, 1717. Does not give the location except beginning at Presence Lippencott.(not sure if read correctly)


  1. Survey copy of map of lands of Joseph Tilton conveyed to Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting, May 27, 1807.
  1. Deed – Dated 19th day of August 1717 between Presence Lippencott, John    Lippencott, Rmembrance Lippencott, Joseph Parker & John Lippencott beginning in the southwest corner of Lippencott’s plantation, Shrewsbury.Original. (Navisank Neck mentioned)


  1. Hugh Jackson to George Parker, Obediah Tilton and Benjamin Corlis considerarion 40 shillings property in Township of Shrewsbury at a place called Squancome on the northside of Manasquan River. Note: Origonal deed in two pieces, the seal is still on. Not recorder. 11/20/1785
  1. Deed dated 5th day of the month 1690 between John Lippencott to Allen Fedoran, Allen Peter Tiltion and Remembrance Lippencott conveying lands near his dwelling house. Recorded Book D page 96. Original


  1. Deed dated February 1778 between Fabesson Cook to George Parker, Obdiah Williams, Obediah Tilton, Birtton White, Benjamin Corlis and Peter Corlis, Township of Shrewsbury Squancom, three quarters of an acre, Original.
  1. Original Deed, December 16, 1885 Robert Pearce and Rebecca Pearce to the monthly Meeting of Shrewsbury of the Religious Society of Friends of the Township of Shrewsbury conveys land- southerly side of Friends meeting house lot of Manasqaun, reorded Volumn 544 page 352in Monmouth County Clerk’s office


  1. Orignal Deed – May 27, 1807 Joseph Tilton to Willaim Hartshorne, Jacb Woelley and James Morris, considerations $5.00, land located in Township of Howel at a place called Squan.
  1. Original Deed – Benjamin Pearce to Thomas Cook to Preparation and Meeting of Friends of Manasquan, Township of Howel Friends Meeting Home Burying ground. 1/30/1845 runs along Huletts line.


  1. Original Deed – Albert Wilbur, Edith Wilbur (second wife of Albert) et all to Manasqaun Montly Meeting the Religious Society of Friends dated March 14, 1955 recorded in Bc 2624 page 571 located in Twonshi of wall, County of Wall, County of Monmouth beginning at a stone at angle in Quaker Church lot.(Had been from Robert Pearce who got it from Edmond Lafetra [died intestate].
  1. Original- Articles of Incorporation between Joseph A.LaFetra, J. Edwad Borden, Charkles e. Williams, Thomas T. Williams and John Shotwell, dated December 2, 1879 recorded March 2, 1898 book C of Corporaion page 325.


  1. Deed-Original – Joseph A. Lafetra, George F. LaFetra, Jr. and Miriam Lafetra to Manasquan Monthly Meeting of the religious Society of Friends, March 14, 1954, unrecordeeeed. Beginning at a stone at and angle in the Quaker Church lot, acknowledged by Joseph A. Lafetra, George F. Lafetra, Jr. and blank. Note: Miiram Lafetra did not acknowledge.
  1. Deed Original – Edmond L. Lafetra and Mary Elizabeth Lafetra to Manasquan Monthly Meeting of the Religoious Society of Friends,October 14, 1954, beginning at a stone at an angle in the Quaker Curch lot. Unrecorded.


  1. Letter, Walter A. Longstreet, Clerk to OwenC. Pearce, Esq. dated August 3, 1954.
  1. Letter, Edward J. Patten, Secretary of State to Owen C. Pearce, Esq. dated May 28, 1954.